What is the Average Electric Bill in Texas 2024?


This article is your complete guide to the average electric bill in Texas. You may be asking yourself, is everything bigger in Texas? And when it comes to the Texas electric bill, unfortunately, that statement is true. While the average cost of electricity in Texas per month is 8% lower than the national average, what you pay out of pocket can be quite high. When trying to determine the cost of your monthly energy bill in Texas, there are 3 important factors to take into consideration. Location, energy market, and usage. These factors can significantly impact your monthly electric bill.

Here at The Energy Professor, we want to give you the information you need to not only save money on your energy bill but to also become more energy efficient. We hope find this post helpful! It makes it easier for you to know more about the average electric bill in Texas. Be sure to also check out our one-of-a-kind energy savings calculator!

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What is the Average Electric Bill in Texas in 2024?


The average Texas electric bill can range anywhere between $154 and $213 per month. This is not to be confused with the $396 average cost of a utility bill. An electric bill only consists of the electricity you use from your provider each month. Whereas a utility bill can incorporate your electric, gas, internet or cable, water, and other utilities you use. While the average energy bill in Texas has been historically on the rise, they are anticipated to lower in 2024. According to the March 2023 Short-Term Energy Outlook report from the U.S. Energy Information Administration, power prices are expected to decrease this year.

5 Factors That Affect the Average Electricity Bill in Texas

  • Location
  • Fuel Costs
  • Operating Costs
  • Weather Conditions
  • Personal Usage

Texas average electricity rates are also in a slow decline thanks to lower natural gas prices. But also to the growth of renewable energy in 2024. In 2022, President Biden signed the Inflation Reduction Act. This boosts renewable energy initiatives further and faster. There are also changes in tax credits in the act. Specifically for renewable energy production. Therefore experts foresee that production is expected to ramp up the supply of renewable energy for the Texas electricity grid.

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Average kWh Usage in Texas


Electric bills in Texas are brought into the dollar by the conversion of how much your prover charges for power. Times the kilowatt hours (kWh) you use for your home or small business. To know how much your bill will be each month, you can gauge it based on how many kWh you’re using. But what is the average kWh usage per month in Texas? The average kWh used in Texas is 1,186 with an average cost of 14.26 cents per kWh. Depending on where you live, you may find yourself paying more or less per kWh. This happens mostly due to the deregulation of energy markets. Some locations in Texas could have as low as a 13-cent cost. While others can be charged up to 18.9 cents per kWh. 

What is the Average kWh Usage in Texas by Building Size?

  • Apartment – 600 kWh per month
  • Small House – 1,200 kWh per month
  • Large House – 2,400 kWh per month
  • Small Office – 2,000 – 4,000 kWh per month
  • Small Business – 5,000 – 10,000 kWh per month

One of the best ways to save on the average electric bill in Texas is to invest in energy-efficient appliances. Any appliance with an Energy Star approval will be a relief on your wallet. While it’s true most efficient appliances have a more expensive upfront cost. Their benefits generally outweigh that initial cost saving hundreds over the appliances life time. When you think of the average cost of electricity per month in Texas, you’ll want to think of any way to save where you can!

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Average Monthly Electric Bill in Texas by City


Now that we know the answer to what is the average electric bill in Texas? Let’s dive into some of the more specific regions of the Lone Star State. We have taken the average Texas power bill for some of the state’s most populated cities for you. So no matter if you’re looking for the average electric bill in San Antonio or the average electricity bill in Dallas Texas we have it on the list below. If you see that your city has a higher energy bill and you’d like to see how the Energy Professor can help, click here for your free quote today!

Average Monthly Electric Bill in Texas – Major Cities

  • San Antonio – $142
  • Houston – $160
  • Austin – $147
  • Corpus Cristi – $190
  • Dallas – $165
  • El Paso – $145

It’s important to point out that of the cities listed above, Houston, Dallas, and Corpus Christi do have a deregulated market. This can be seen in the reflection of the more expensive average electricity bill in Texas.

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What is the Average Electric Bill in Texas 2024 FAQ?

Q: Will Texas energy prices go down in 2024?

A: According to industry reports and predictions, wholesale power prices are expected to decline in 2024. This is due to the drop in natural gas costs as well as the expansion of renewable energy. It’s important to note that savings won’t be seen by consumers until later in the year or into 2024. Mostly because wholesale and retail pricing will not reflect the declining price at the same time. 

Q: Is all of Texas’s electricity deregulated?

A: While most, but not all of Texas is run on a deregulated energy system. A soaring 85% of the state is under deregulation and open to a competitive retail market. 

Q: What is the average electric bill in San Antonio?

A: The average electric bill in San Antonio Texas is around $142 per month. This can differ depending on the time of year or the recent weather the state has been having or is predicting to have. 

Q: Why does Texas have high electric bills?

A: One of the main reasons for the high electric bills in Texas is the higher natural gas prices in the state. Texas leans heavily on natural gas to run its cities. Last year natural gas provided a whopping 44% of the state power compared to the national average of 37%. Higher fuel prices are passed along more quickly in the deregulated markets of Texas. 

Q: What is the average monthly electric bill for a 2-bedroom apartment in Texas?

A: You can expect to pay around $104 a month on electricity in the state of Texas. However, like all energy bills, the time of year and weather conditions can change this answer. 

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