How to Save Energy When Gaming – Gaming Energy Consumption 2024

This article is your guide to learning the best tips for gaming energy costs. The rise of home gaming has brought countless hours of entertainment to millions across the globe. However, amid the excitement of virtual worlds, many gamers might overlook one crucial real-world aspect: the energy consumption of their gaming setups. As we become more conscious of our environmental footprint and utility costs, it’s important to consider ways to save energy while still enjoying our favorite pastime.

So, how do we make our gaming more energy-efficient? Whether you’re a team console or PC, there are simple strategies to reduce your energy use without compromising on performance. Our household has a PC, Xbox, Playstation, and a Nintendo Switch, so we’ve had to be extra conscious about our gaming energy usage!

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Energy Saving Tips for Gamers

Hello, fellow gamers! We all love spending hours immersed in our favorite games, but it’s easy to forget the energy consumption that comes with those epic gaming sessions. That’s why we’re tackling a topic that might not be as exciting as the latest game release, but is crucial for both our wallets and the environment: energy efficiency. In this guide, we’ll explore practical and easy-to-implement ‘Energy Saving Tips for Gamers.’ We’re talking about strategies that can reduce our environmental footprint and save money on our electricity bills, all without compromising the gaming experience. Ready to level up your game while keeping energy consumption down? Let’s get started!

Does gaming use a lot of electricity?

Gaming, while a source of immense enjoyment and immersive experiences, can be a significant drain on electricity, particularly when high-performance hardware is in play and marathon sessions are common. The electricity draw varies based on your specific setup, but no matter your platform, embracing energy-saving strategies can have a substantial impact. Whether you’re utilizing Xbox power save features or managing your PS5 game systems more efficiently, adopting a more energy-conscious approach goes beyond just cutting costs; it can save you money and in the long run help out the environment.

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Gaming Consoles

video game power consumption

Gaming consoles, particularly popular brands like Xbox and PlayStation, have become integral to our entertainment experiences. However, they’re often significant energy users, contributing to higher utility bills and greater environmental impacts. But don’t worry gamers! There are efficient ways to manage your console’s energy consumption without diminishing your gaming thrill.

 How to save energy when gaming on a console

Start by getting familiar with the energy specifications of your console. It’s important to know the answers to questions like ‘how many watts does an Xbox One use’ or ‘how much wattage does a PS5 use?’ You might be surprised to learn that gaming consoles can consume as much power as a large refrigerator, especially during heavy use or while left idle.

Power Management Techniques:

Use Rest and Standby Modes Efficiently: Both Xbox and PlayStation consoles offer power-saving modes, commonly known as ‘rest’ or ‘standby’ modes. Learning ‘how to put Xbox in rest mode’ or understanding the ‘PS5 power consumption in rest mode’ can significantly cut down on energy use. These modes keep your console on low power while not in use, allowing for updates and charging, without fully powering the system.

Smart Power-Down: Become savvy with features like ‘Xbox power down’ or ‘how to turn off Xbox auto turn on’. These settings prevent the console from continuously drawing power even when you’re not using it. Remember, completely shutting down your console when it’s not in use or when you’re away for extended periods can contribute to considerable energy savings.

Adjust Console Settings for Energy Efficiency: Explore your console’s settings. Options like ‘Xbox energy saving’ mode or PlayStation’s ‘energy saver mode’ adjust the console’s functions to reduce energy consumption. For instance, you can disable features like ‘Xbox auto shutdown’ or control how long the console stays idle before powering down automatically.

Efficient Controller Charging: Controllers don’t consume much power, but every little bit counts. Strategies like knowing ‘how to turn PS5 controller off while watching Netflix’ ensure you’re not draining power unnecessarily. Also, try to charge controllers while you’re actively gaming and unplug them once they’re fully charged.

Xbox Specific Gaming Tips:

The Xbox series isn’t just about groundbreaking gaming; it’s also equipped with distinctive features designed to curtail energy consumption without compromising on performance. By getting to grips with the specifics of Xbox one wattage, you can better understand the energy dynamics of your system. Make the most of modes like ‘Xbox standby,’ which minimizes energy draw during periods of inactivity, ensuring your console isn’t guzzling power when it’s not in full swing.

But the real game-changer lies in the ‘Xbox power saving’ feature. This intuitive option adapts energy usage in real-time, correlating directly with your gaming activities. It’s designed to provide an optimal balance between power consumption and system performance, ensuring you’re only using the energy you need, when you need it. In leveraging these features, you’re not just a gamer enjoying high-definition entertainment; you’re an eco-conscious player contributing to global energy sustainability, one session at a time.

PlayStation Specific Gaming Tips:

PlayStation aficionados, there’s something in store for you too! Get savvy with your PS4 wattage usage and capitalize on the console’s inherent power-saving functions. It’s worthwhile to master ‘how to put PS4 in rest mode’ to optimize energy conservation during downtimes. For the newer model, be mindful of settings like PS5 turn off power saving—it’s a feature you may need to adjust based on your gaming frequency and specific habits.

Embracing these energy-efficient practices means you can dive deep into uninterrupted, thrilling gaming sessions with an added bonus: the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re actively contributing to energy conservation. It’s not just about gaming smarter; it’s about playing with purpose and responsibility.

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PC Energy Usage


PC gaming is an immersive experience cherished by many, offering unparalleled graphics and gameplay. Yet, these powerful machines are also known for their substantial energy draw, often leading to heftier electricity bills and increased environmental footprints. But fear not, dedicated gamers! You can take smart, effective steps to reduce your PC’s energy intake, ensuring your gaming adventures continue unabated while also being kinder to both your wallet and the planet.

How to save energy when gaming on a PC

PC gaming offers incredible experiences but often consumes more energy than consoles. However, you can manage your PC’s power use efficiently without sacrificing game performance.

  1. Power Management: Enable power-saving features in your operating system. It’s the ‘what is the best power saver’ question redefined for gamers.
  2. Component Selection: Choose efficient components that offer good performance-to-power-consumption ratios.
  3. Unplug When Idle: If you’re not using your gaming PC, shut it down or enable sleep mode to save energy.

Do gaming monitors use a lot of energy?

Gaming monitors vary in energy use. Those with higher refresh rates and brightness consume more. Opt for energy-efficient models and lower brightness settings to save energy. We do have an entire article dedicated to the energy usage of your PC, which we recommend checking out.

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What are the Best Tips to Save Energy When Gaming?

Looking beyond individual configurations, there are overarching strategies that can empower gamers of all kinds to conserve energy. These encompass:

  1. Investing in Energy-Efficient Hardware: Before you purchase your next console or PC, do a bit of homework. Seek out models known for their energy efficiency. Manufacturers often provide energy ratings, and a quick internet search can reveal user experiences related to energy consumption.
  2. Being Smart with Accessories: It’s not just the main units consuming energy; accessories can draw more power than you realize. From VR headsets to gaming chairs, be mindful of what’s plugged in and whether it’s energy-efficient.
  3. Regular Maintenance of Equipment: Dust and debris aren’t just aesthetic issues; they can force your hardware to work harder, thus consuming more energy. Regularly clean out vents and consider internal cleanings to remove dust from components, ensuring your system runs smoothly and energy-efficiently.
  4. Conscious Gaming Time: Who doesn’t love an all-night gaming session? However, moderation is key. Extended periods of gaming can lead to significant energy usage. By managing the time spent in-game, you’re effectively reducing energy consumption.

In conclusion, every gamer wields the power to contribute positively, impacting both environmental conservation and personal finances. Small, thoughtful measures like engaging Xbox one in rest mode or understanding your Playstation wattage usage benefit more than just our planet—they also favor your finances. This isn’t solely about energy for gamers; it’s about gamers taking the reins on their energy use and, consequently, their gaming expenditures. By embracing these smart energy-saving practices, you’re gaming with accountability and safeguarding your finances. So, redefine your gaming strategy, conserve energy, and witness your savings grow. Game on, but more importantly, save as you do!

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