Is There A Gas Stove Ban?


This article is your complete guide to the gas stove ban that was proposed by the US Federal Government in the beginning of 2023. While this is still a new proposal, it has already been blocked by the US House of Representatives as of June 13th, 2023. However, the uproar was not unfounded due to America’s dependency on natural gas. For what seems like the dawn of time, natural gas stoves have been the main method of cooking appliances from home cooks to professional chefs. Not only offers far greater temperature control but also the innate feeling of quality cooking over an open flame. But being held to the flame now is the health risks and waste of natural resources caused by natural gas stoves.

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Will the US Ban Natural Gas Stoves?


The panic and concern around this proposed ban on gas stoves began when Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) Commissioner Richard L. Trumka Jr. told Bloomberg that his agency was considering a ban on gas stoves in the US. The main driving factor for the potential banning gas stoves was mostly related to the numerous health risks posed by natural gas stoves. Trumka stated the numerous studies that have taken place that show the fumes emitted from gas stoves cause significant health risks. 

Are Gas Stoves Illegal?

  • No, gas stoves are not illegal. You can rest easy knowing that no one is going to come for your gas stove over night. While some states and local officials are trying to ban natural gas stoves, nothing has passed yet in the US and it doesn’t look likely any will.

With the state of the American Media, things like the banning gas stoves in US tend to get blown out of proportion and politicized. But as a company who is here to help you save plan for a more sustainable and less expensive future, we wanted to create this guide to help you the way we know how. By answering your questions and concerns in the most helpful way we can! 

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Are Gas Stoves Being Banned?


Gas stoves are not being banned in the US. And even if they were, you wouldn’t be forced to give yours up. If there ever were to be any kind of gas stoves ban, it would only apply to newly produced products. Anyone who currently owns or uses a natural gas stove would still be allowed to do so. This goes for any forward-looking energy pieces of legislation. Not just the ones trying to ban gas stoves! When you take a look at the actual numbers when you think about trying to make gas stoves outlawed, it’s quite impossible to do so with existing stoves. About 40% of American households cook on a gas stove. And that’s not including the restaurants that do so as well!

Are Gas Stoves Bad for your Health?

  • The major study out of Stanford showed that every gas stove it tested leaked methane gas, even when it was turned off. Scientific American also noted, that when a stove is turned on, it creates nitrogen oxides, which have been shown to irritate human lungs. Much of the dangers with gas stoves appear to be from poor ventilation. To keep yourself and your family safe, California’s Air Resources Board suggests using your range hood whenever you cook with a gas stove, or open windows if a range hood isn’t an option.

However, the study has some questions about its results, especially those critical of gas stoves illegal. Including Dr. Ran Goldman, a pediatrics professor at the University of British Columbia, who shared that there may be a role in reducing emissions of gas, but it’s really hard to grasp that 13% of children have asthma just because of this exposure to gas emission from stoves at home. In the discussion of their results, the researchers noted its study does have limitations. For example, they rely on aggregate data, although have quantified our uncertainty and have still found a significant public health burden.

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Why Does the Government Want to Ban Gas Stoves?


The driving reason behind the proposed ban on new gas stoves is health risks to the American people. As stated above, there is a study done at Stanford University showing that when a stove is turned on, it creates nitrogen oxides, which has been shown to irritate human lungs. But alas, the government does not want to ban gas stoves. The piece of legislation that drummed up all the criticism was banning the production of new gas stoves. This means that you would still be able to use your gas stove at home.

The President Opposes a Gas Stove Ban

Even if you don’t own a natural gas stove but are hoping to buy one in the future, there is no need to worry about a federal gas stove ban going into effect. As long as President Biden is in office that is. A New York Times article published his push for keeping gas stoves on the market and in use by the American people. According to a White House spokesman, the President does not support the ban on gas stoves. And the CPSC, which is independent, is not banning gas stoves.

Even Local Ban Natural Gas Stoves are Being Blocked

Proposing gas stoves being outlawed is actually nothing new. Long before the Federal Ban came into the headlines, multiple cities and some states nationwide were already enacting or looking into banning gas stoves. But like the Federal Ban, this would be a ban on new gas stoves not existing ones. But many cities also took aim at more than just gas stoves. Some pieces of legislation also talked about banning gas furnaces and water heaters as well.

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Gas Stove Ban FAQ

Q: Are as stoves being banned?

A: Gas stoves are not being banned in the US. And even if they were, you wouldn’t be forced to give yours up. If there ever were to be any kind of gas stoves ban, it would only apply to newly produced products. Anyone who currently owns or uses a natural gas stove would still be allowed to do so. This goes for any forward-looking energy pieces of legislation. Not just the ones trying to ban gas stoves!

Q: What is going on with gas stoves?

A: You may have seen a lot of media coverage this year about a proposed Federal ban on gas stoves. It was first reported on by Bloomberg and was a proposition brought on by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). However in the summer of 2023, the US House of Representatives struck down the bill and not it no longer has much life. The CPSC provided CNN with a statement explaining that the agency has yet to propose any action, and even if and when they do, it will be a “lengthy process.”

Q: What is replacing gas stoves?

A: Induction stoves are becoming an increasing popular option and viable replacement for gas stoves. Induction cooktops use electricity instead of gas, but many prefer them over traditional electric stoves … or even gas stoves. By creating an electromagnetic current that interacts with magnetic molecules in your pot or pan, induction cooktops conduct a microscopic dance that generates heat within the pan itself.

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