7 Tips on How to Save Electricity in the Summer 2024

Here is our list of top 7 tips on how to save electricity in the summer for 2024! As this year continues to already break record temperatures across the US and the World, we want you to come armed for the heat this summer. Running your AC in the summertime can really take a toll on your energy bill. That’s why this list of energy saving tips for summer is packed full of useful information. All of which is geared to help save big on your energy bill. With the AC always running, it can make ways to lower electric bill in summer pretty difficult. So let’s get started on our top 7 energy saving tips for summer 2024!

Here at The Energy Professor, we want to give you the information you need to not only save money on your energy bill, but to also become more energy efficient. We hope find this post helpful! And makes it easier for you to know more about how to save electricity in the summer. Be sure to also check out our one of a kind energy savings calculator!

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How to Lower Your Electric Bill in Summer 2024


Cooling down in the summer sometimes seems like an impossible task. Your air conditioner is running 24/7 just to keep a consistent temperature and you may be thinking, should I shade my AC unit in the summer? Well here at the Energy Professor, we want to find as many ways as possible to lower your energy bill. That’s why for this summer, we have put together this list to help you know how to save on electric bill in summer. From easy simple solutions to more time and money investing tips, we cover every step you can take today to lower electric bill in summer 2024.

How to Lower Electric Bill in Summer 2024

  • The best way to avoid a high electric bill this summer is to take many small actions that reduce your energy usage. There is no “one thing” that will reduce your energy significantly enough to lower your monthly bill. But there are many small things you can do that will add up to save you money!

You may be wondering, why is my electric bill so high in the summer? The most costly items on your electric bill will be heating and cooling of any kind. That’s why it’s important to know how to save electricity in summer. But this will also help you reduce your carbon footprint! Thankfully we have listed several ways to reduce your energy usage in the summer. Below you can find our top 7 best summer energy saving tips for 2024! These are helpful tips no matter if you own you’re a home owner or are renting your space.

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7 of the Best Summer Energy Saving Tips


When it comes to the best ways to saving electricity in summer, you have to take a look at the small things. If we are honest, there is not one large step you can take that will drastically lower your energy bill. It’s the many smaller steps you can take where you will see the biggest differences. As you try to lower your energy bill, also consider taking a look at your energy rates. This could help you save big on your annual energy bills. But let’s go over the 7 most cost effective energy saving tips summer 2024!

Best Energy Saving Tips Summer 2024

  • 7 – Find free AC in public places
  • 6 – Utilize fans instead of Air Conditioning
  • 5 – Let in cooler air at night
  • 4 – Adjust your thermostat
  • 3 – Lower your water heater temperature
  • 2 – Use AC during off-peak energy hours
  • 1 – Replace your old AC for a more energy efficient one

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#7: Find Free AC in Public Places


Difficulty: 2/5

Savings: Over $300!

How to: In most states, you can gain access to public spaces for free or a low cost. Our go-t0 places for free AC are libraries, museums, movie theaters, and malls!

Why This Works: On average, it can cost up to $0.88 per hour to run your air conditioning. If you run your AC at home for 8 hours a day, 7 days a week, that’s almost $200 in AC alone! Substituting some of those days for days out at public places with free air conditioning can help you save electricity in summer. As long as you keep the activity below $7, you’re saving money! This is especially ideal for those who work from home. Or even a day out with the family to beat the heat!

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#6: Utilize Fans Instead of Air Conditioning


Difficulty: 2/5

Savings: Around $300 annually

How to: Window fans are easy to install and don’t require any tools! Simply place the fan in your window and close the window onto to fan to keep it in place. Some fans have side extenders to cover any open gaps that the fan will cause.

Why This Works: Using a window fan is a great way to know how to keep electric bill down in summer. A fan can either draw cool air from the outside into your home, or exhaust stale warm air out of your home. A lot of fans have a reverse switch so you don’t have to worry about which way your fan is facing. If you don’t have a switch, just feel which way the fan is blowing air! If you want cool air to come into your home, simply place the fan in the window with the fan blowing into your home. Swap the fan around if you want air removed from your home.

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#5: Let in Cooler Air at Night


Difficulty: 0/5

Savings: 10% of your energy bill

How to: A window fan can help, but if you don’t have a fan, no worries! You can just keep your window open at night to cool off your home. We will say this is a good option for saving energy in summer but only if your windows have a screen. No one wants to be hot and find bugs in your home!

Why This Works: I’m sure you have noticed that when the sun sets, the temperature drops. This is called radiational cooling! As the earth rotates away from the sun, our little planet expels heat into the atmosphere from the surface which results in a drop in temperature. Use this to your advantage when saving electricity in summer! The cooler air coming into your home not only offers cooler temperatures, but also a nice breath of fresh air.

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#4: Adjust Your Thermostat


Difficulty: 1/5

Savings: 10% annually

How to: Setting your thermostat only 7-10 degrees warmer than you normally do can significantly help summer energy saving tips. You can either adjust the thermostat temperature on the wall unit, or if you have a smart thermostat, by the app on your smartphone.

Why This Works: On average, you can see a savings of 1% of your over all electric bill per degree you adjust your thermostat. While we understand that 70 degrees vs 80 degrees is a large temperature gap, set your system cooler in the morning! By doing this, your AC will work less since the air outside isn’t as hot as it will be later. By setting your system at a cooler temperature then adjusting it later in the morning, you can save while not having your internal temp at 80F!

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#3: Lower Your Water Heater Temperature


Difficulty: 1/5

Savings: More than $400 annually

How to: Once you locate your water heater, you’ll most likely have to remove the thermostat access panel. Once you’ve located the thermostat dial, you can either turn the temperature knob or adjust the temperature using a flathead screwdriver.

Why This Works: The recommended setting on your water heater is 120F. Most house holds however set their heater to 140F. While this keeps showers and baths nice and toast, it will also keep you asking, why is electric bill high in summer? Having your water heater set at 140F can cost you upwards of an additional $36 – $61 on your annual energy bill in heating loss. That’s not including the additional cost of heating the water itself! 

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#2: Use AC During Off-Peak Energy Hours


Difficulty: 3/5

Savings: Up to 25% in the summer months

How to: The easiest place to find out the off-peak hours of your electric company is to ask them directly. Most energy companies have this information clearly displayed on their website or in their website’s FAQ!

Why This Works: During the off-peak hours, your energy provider will charge you less for energy used for your home. While the specific hours vary by company, the most common off-peak hours are Monday – Friday before 5PM and after 8PM. Any time outside of these hours will be less expensive to use your electricity. Using energy during these hours will result in a higher energy rate!

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#1: Replace Your Old AC for a More Energy Efficient One


Difficulty: 4.5/5

Savings: Up to 30%

How to: This is the most costly option, but the best one to help you know how to save energy in summer! You will need to hire a professional to remove and install an AC unit properly.

Why This Works: Newer AC units have become increasingly more efficient at cooling the warm air they take in. By switching out your old unit for a newer one, you can save up to 30% on energy costs! Depending on how old your current system is can determine how much you will save. If you have an AC unit that’s over 10 years old, you have a potential savings of almost 50% of your energy costs! This summer energy saving tips for your home is definitely worth looking into if you feel like your unit isn’t running as it should.

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How to Save Electricity in the Summer FAQ

Q: Can Closing Your Vents Save Energy in the Summer?

A: The short answer is no; you should not close air vents in your house. Closing vents can actually waste more energy than operating your system normally. How does closing air vents waste energy? Because when you close vents in unused rooms, your central air system will push the excess air to other places in your home.Sep 29, 2021.

Q: How Can You Save Energy in the Summer?

A: There are many ways to save energy this summer. The top 8 energy saving tips summer are to Find free AC in public places, Utilize fans instead of Air Conditioning, Let in cooler air at night, Adjust your thermostat, Lower your water heater temperature, Use AC during off-peak energy hours, and Replace your old AC for a more energy efficient one.

Q: How Can I Save Energy in my Summer Apartment?

A: Great ways to save energy when you’re a renter are to Find free AC in public places, Utilize fans instead of Air Conditioning, Let in cooler air at night, Adjust your thermostat, and Use AC during off-peak energy hours. You can also benefit in having your landlord replace your air filters. Replacing your air filters helps your AC unit run more efficiently costing your less on your energy bill.

Q: Which Saves Most Energy During Summer?

A: The way to save the most energy in the summer is to not run your AC unit. We know and understand that not running your AC is not realistic. So do it responsibly! try running it during off-peak hours, replace your filters before the start of the season, and try to let in cool air from outside when you can.

Q: How Can I Lower my Cooling Costs in Summer?

A: Along with our 8 energy saving tips for summer, you can also save money when it comes to heating elements like water! Reducing your water temperature to the recommended 120F can save you a hefty amount on your energy bill. All you have to do is have access to your water heater to adjust the temperature!

Q: How Do I Keep my AC Bill Low in Summer?

A: The best way to keep your AC bill low this summer is to keep an eye on it. You can’t lower something if you don’t keep track of what lower is! Start tracking how you’re spending your energy now. Then once summer comes, keep track on the temperature settings of your home and how much it’s costing you.

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