How to Set Up Utilities When Renting 2024


This guide is here to help you know how to get electricity turned on in an apartment! There are a million and one things you have to take care of when moving. From setting up utilities to hiring movers and so much more in between. A lot can come up on you and take you by surprise. That’s why we put together this ultimate guide to how to set up utilities when renting. The most popular utilities to set up are gas, electricity, water, sewage, and internet. And arguably the most important is electricity. Without it, most other utilities would be useless!

In this article, we are to break down how to get electricity in your apartment. No matter if you’re moving into a new apartment, or you’re a first time renter. This guide is made to help you set up your apartment electric with a brand new provider!

Here at The Energy Professor, we want to give you the information you need to not only save money on your energy bill, but to also become more energy efficient. We hope find this post helpful and makes it easier for you to know how to set up electricity in apartment. Be sure to also check out our one of a kind energy savings calculator!

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How to Set Up Utilities in a New Apartment 2024


As someone who has moved into a new apartment every year since 2016, I know about the woes of setting up you new home! On the long list of things to do on your first day in your apartment, one of your top priorities should be getting utilities turned on. This is something that is generally the same process no matter where you live. So if you know how to set up utilities in a new apartment in one state, you’ll know how to do it in another. Some other utilities may have a different set up across state lines. That’s why we are not only going to cover how to set up electricity in new apartment, but also all major utilities!

How to Set Up Utilities in Apartment

  • Decide your move-in day
  • Look into local service providers
  • Contact/Make an account with the provider of your choice
  • Set up service start date

When you go to set up your new apartment utilities, you will need to have your set move-in date so they know when to start your service. Typically, your leasing provider will give you a date to give your rent utilities before you move in.

Like we mentioned earlier, there are a few major utilities you need to know how to set up in your new apartment. So let’s go over the top 5 services renters need to know how to set up.

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Top 5 Apartment Utilities Every Renter Should Know How to Set Up


Think of getting utilities turned on as if you need to turn on services you need to function day to day. The first 5 things that come to mind would be: water, electricity, gas, internet, & trash removal. Multi-resident living can make setting up utilities convenient. With some apartments may offer select utilities included in the price of your rent. But for the majority of renters, that isn’t the case. If you’re reading this article, you’re most likely going at this alone. So let’s go over how to set up utilities for an apartment 2024.

What Utilities Do I Need to Set Up When I Move?

  • Water
  • Electricity
  • Natural Gas
  • Trash
  • Internet, Cable, Phone

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Setting Up the Top 5 Utilities in New Apartment 2024

If you are worried about “how to set up electricity in apartment” keep reading as we will break down how to set up the top 5 utilities that you will need turned on in your new apartment.

#1 – How to Set Up Water in a New Apartment


Where there is water, there is life. It’s hard to narrow down which utility is more important. But knowing how to get water turned on in your new home fights for first place. In a largely growing paperless world, top service providers, such as water, have made signing up online easier than ever!

Water Set-Up:

  • Find your water provider by contacting your broker or Leasing Office
  • Create an online account with your provider
  • Select your billing options
  • Connect your bank account if necessary

Some utility providers may require a down payment, one time set up fee, or a service fee. Be prepared to pay a portion of your water bill the day you create an account. You might be required to pay that fee upfront or it will be attached to your first electric bill in apartment.

What is the Average Price of a Water Bill 2024?

  • $72.93 is the average price of a water bill in 2024. This number may be higher or lower on your situation! The average amount in the US is taken from a household of 4 people using 100 gallons of water per person, per day.

While water IS a necessity. There are other utilities that need to be set up in order to function in your new home. Let’s move onto how to get electricity turned on.  

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#2 – How to Set up Electricity for Apartment 2024


One of the top questions we receive from new renters is how to get electricity in apartment. Thankfully, like water, knowing how to set up utilities for a rental house or apartment has become easier over the years. But when looking at specific energy supply companies, it may take little or more work. You also might be wondering if you can save money on your energy bill! This all depends on your provider and what type of energy market you reside in. In most cases, we think the instructions below will help you learn how to get lights turned on in new apartment.

How do I get electricity in my apartment?:

  • Find your electricity provider by contacting your broker or Leasing Office
  • Create an online account with your provider
  • Select your billing options
  • Connect your bank account if necessary

Don’t forget, when setting up your new apartment electricity, you will also have to make changes to your old electric bill, as well.

How Much is an Average Electricity Bill Per Month?

  • $122 a month is the average US consumer bill for electricity. This is the average from 2021. So like all things, it is likely to be a bit more in 2024.

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#3 – How to Set Up Gas in New Apartment

When you’re learning when to set up utilities in apartment, you’ll find that setting up your gas service might be a little confusing. Most gas companies are owned and operated by your local government. Rather it be the town, city, or county that you live in. Think of your gas more as a municipal utility than a personal one. But the only reason it may be challenging to set up your gas utility is due to government websites. If you’ve done anything online with the DMV or post office, it’s not the most user friendly.

How to set up gas and electric in apartment?:

  • Find your natural gas provider by contacting your broker or Leasing Office
  • Create an online account with your provider
  • Select your billing options
  • Connect your bank account if necessary

How Much Should I be Paying for Gas Per Month?

  • The average gas bill in the US as of 2021 was $61.69. When trying to calculate your gas bill, make sure you look at your state’s average. Depending on the state, you can have a higher or lower cost for natural gas.

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#4 – How to Set Up Trash Collection 2024

Unlike getting utilities turned on that we mentioned previously, trash is typically an exception. For the most part you won’t have to worry about setting up trash if you live in an apartment complex. If you’re renting a single family house, you may be responsible for your own waste removal. To help break it down more, think of it like gas, a municipal utility. Think of it more as a personal service. If you have trash removal taken from just your residence, you are responsible for its removal. If your trash goes into a larger dumpster, it’s more likely it’s going to be the landlord’s responsibility.

How to set up waste removal:

  • Find your local waste removal service by contacting your broker or Leasing Office
  • Create an online account with your provider
  • Select your billing options
  • Connect your bank account if necessary

What is the Average Waste Management Fee?

  • You can expect to pay anywhere from $25 – $100 a month on trash collection services.

Like we mentioned above, this fee is one of the only services most apartments include in the rent!

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#5 – How to Turn on Utilities in Apartment – Internet, Cable, & Phone


What good is knowing how to get electricity in new apartment if you don’t also set up internet?! Internet now spans more than just computers and gaming systems. It’s how a majority of renters watch tv, control home devices like thermostats or lights. And many other things! Knowing how to set up utilities when renting is an important skill to have. This utility is the lifeline to the outside world and cant be left out! Setting up your internet also comes with some much needed research and negotiating skills. This is one of the only utilities that isn’t regulated for price. So we highly recommend doing your research and finding the best possible deal you can!

How to set up internet, cable, or phone lines:

  • Find a service provider you’re willing to work with
  • Create an online account with your provider
  • Select your billing options
  • Connect your bank account if necessary

What is a Good Price to Pay for Internet?

  • The average price of internet in the US is between $36 – $58 a month. But this price has many variables that may change state to state. Or even apartment to apartment.

US residents should be happy to know that the current presidential administration is investing $65 billion for affordable internet. We think this is well overdue and can help you save a lot of money on your internet bill!

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What to do When Your First Utility Bill Arrives 2024?


When learning how to set up electric bill for apartment you’ll find that it is up to the provider when your bill will start and end. When your first utility bill arrives, look it over! Make sure all the charges are correct. One of the most frequent things we see is customers just blindly paying a bill that comes in the mail. We recommend signing into your online account and looking at the itemized bill. This is if you’ve chosen the paperless option and you didn’t receive one in the mail. Once you’ve certified the billable items are correct, pay your bill as soon as you can to avoid any late fees.

When Will I Pay for Utilities?

  • The due date of your first bill will be given to you upon the activation of your account. The date is determined by your provider and will vary between companies.

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How to get Electricity Turned on in an Apartment 2024 FAQ

Q: What is an All-Bills Paid Apartment?

A: Renting an “All Bills Paid” apartment means that your landlord will cover your unit’s utility bills. The upside of this is having to not deal with knowing how to turn on electric in new apartment. The down side is you can’t control how much you’re paying for these services. The total amount of your all bills paid rent will include your utilities.

Q: Are Utilities Always Included in the Rent?

A: No, it’s surprisingly very rare to find a landlord willing to cover utilities. You will find this situation mostly if you’re renting a house. Or even a unit within a house. The home owner will likely split the utilities evenly if there are multiple tenants sharing one dwelling.

Q: What Utilities Do I Need to Rent?

A: The most common utilities that are offered are electricity, water, gas, trash removal, & internet. Depending on where you live, you may have more utilities that you are responsible for. This information can be found through your landlord or leasing office before you move in. A lot of times if you’re renting an apartment, the leasing office will require proof of set up before you’re allowed to move in!

Q: How Much is it to Start Electricity in an Apartment?

A: The average tenant pays $122 a month for electricity. This is the average from 2021. So like all things, it is likely to be a bit more in 2024.

Q: Are apartment utilities a must-have for renters?

A: Apartment utilities are a must-have for any renter. There are a few major utilities you need to know how to set up in your new apartment:

  • Water
  • Electricity
  • Natural Gas
  • Trash
  • Internet, Cable, Phone

Do you Need Cheaper Electricity?

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